About The Scoop

“Jeanette has a knack for asking industry folks the questions artists want to know while introducing them to local ice cream shops. Rarely do you get entrepreneurial advice over a scoop of black sesame ice cream!”
— Theatre Beyond Broadway
“A delicious new chat show. The Scoop is a cool treat!”
— WebVee Guide
“A fresh new innovative take on an interview show!”
— Carole Dean, President of From the Heart Productions


 I have literally met zero people in my life who say they hate ice cream; ice cream (like the arts) is a place where different people of different cultures and ages can come together.  To me, ice cream is a shared, bonded experience that speaks of togetherness and is all-American. 

I hope you watch this series and see arts professionals supporting one another and being real people, talking from their hearts about why they love what they do, and why the arts are important to them as human beings.  But really what it comes down to is this:

 Entertainment + ice cream = a perfect combination of fun!

 - Jeanette Bonner, Creator/ Producer/ Host