The grossest day of the year so far......


  ...deserves this.  Coconut Chip from Van Leeuwen ice cream truck.

Let me tell you briefly how my love affair with Van Leeuwen began.  In 2009, the second weekend that the High Line was open, I got it into my head that I must go see said attraction.  Cue......everybody else in the city.  But it was a lovely Saturday, and I had time to kill, so I decided that I would stand on the hour-and-a-half line just to enter the park.  But wait, what's that other line for?  Oh, people waiting for food from that truck?  WAIT, for ice cream??

Friends, there are a mazillion of these trucks around the city.  No sane New Yorker would wait for 10 people to buy ice cream before they got theirs. was AWESOME.

I had to know - what ice cream was worth waiting in line for?!  In reality, the line took only 15 minutes; I think I tested out a simple strawberry first, but it was REALLY FRICKIN PHENOMENAL.  I vowed to stop at that cute butter-yellow truck every time I happened upon it.  And I mostly have stayed true to this vow.  Now they have a store in Cobble Hill, which takes the fun out of the randomness of it, but either way.....I'm a fan for life.