Quality ice cream

This picture is terribly dark and sad, especially because you cannot see all the amazing elements of this Toasted Banana Smoresice cream cake at Quality Meats.  Yes, this is a steakhouse, but lest you be wary, last year, having read about said amazing ice cream cake, I went in and simply ordered an ice cream cake to go.  Which is pricier than my other about-town options, coming in at around $8, but oh. so. worth. it.

Graham cake on the bottom.

Banana chocolate chip ice cream in the middle.

Homemade Marshmallow-flavored whipped cream on top.

And then, just to make it pretty:  chocolate sauce, bananas, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate on top.

Believe me - these are worth the slightly awkward looks the staff may give you if you come in only seeking dessert.  Do not miss it!  (ps, the steaks are pretty damn good too)