Milkshakes for grown-ups



I'll be honest. . . this was NOT on the Official Ice Creaming Ice Cream list.  First of all - it's a milkshake.  And it is decidedly not "to go."  But I couldn't resist.  This isn't any ordinary milkshake.  This one's made to taste like pie.

The Bowery Diner is a new addition to the Bowery block; it sits next to the New Museum and adds grown-up tastes to the standard NYC Greek diner - brunch, for instance, offers Duck Confit Hash with your two sunny-side-up eggs.  I went there with a friend for brunch a few weeks ago, and like any good brunch spot in New York, it also offers mimosas and $3.50 PBRs.  But also, way down on the bottom of said drink list it milkshakes. . . with alcohol.  That taste like pie.


Among the options include Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse Cake Shake with Makers Mark, and New York Cheesecake Shake with Cointreau - all deliciously enticing, but I looked no further once I read:  Lemon Meringue Pie Shake with Limoncello.  Have I ever told you how I'm obsessed with this?  You see, when I was a kid, every summer when we had guests over, my mom would make  frozen lemon bars: graham cracker crust with layers of vanilla ice cream laced with lemon curd.  OMG it's amazing.  Forget orange creamsicles - lemon and vanilla is where it's at!

So, I was smitten.  The milkshake itself is REALLY filling, and it does manage to taste exactly like pie.  But my $3.25 shot of limoncello was missed, making me realize that the shake doesn't need any alcohol to shine.  In the end it's a little too intense for a treat (imagine the pb and chocolate mousse one, oy!), so I don't think it'll make The List, but you should definitely go and enjoy if you can!