I broke my own rules!


I KNOW!  What sort of hypocrite am I.  Cause I specifically said NO PINTS.  And here I am getting one.  I'll tell you why.

Oddly, my mom sent me a newspaper article from the DC area highlighting all the awesome ice cream places to try in New York.  They had all the usual ringers - Momofuku, Van Leeuwen - but two I'd never heard of, and one of them was Steve's.  And normally I woulda passed this one over, being in a pint and all, BUT.  Here's how they hooked me:  SALVATORE BROOKLYN RICOTTA.


Allow me a moment:  have you ever tried this stuff?!  It's what I can only imagine that good ricotta from Italy tasted like 100 years ago, before Kraft got their hands on it.  I eat it plain.  I'm talkin wheat thins and nothing else.  It's that good.  A small tub costs a whopping $9 when bought at Eataly, which oddly enough gives it less credibility than when it's found in small cheese shops and foodie havens like the Brooklyn Flea.  So clearly you can see what an instant sucker I was when I spotted this flavor, Strawberry Ricotta, with Salvatore being the shining Guest Star.

Steve's Ice Cream is, sadly, no native to NYC - it started in fact in Massachusetts, of all places (let's just say, they don't share in our humidity).  BUT because he - like the others I have been touting on this blog - creates it all by hand in small batches, it does seem fitting that he'd have his eye on moving to the Big Apple.  In fact, the fourth page on Steve's website is only for us:  it has a picture of Manhattan and it says he's coming soon.

That said, people - I regret breaking my own rules.  While the taste of the ice cream was great - and I'll bet it's amazing in store - it looses its charm in the freezer case.  Ya know what freezer burned ice cream tastes like?  Kinda crispy and ice-like?  Yeah.  I had to let it melt so I didn't have to chew it.  Not good, Steve.  But if I see you in Brooklyn.....I'll be there with my spoon in hand, ready to go.