Oh so fashionable ice cream



So, I accidentally found myself in the Meatpacking District on Thursday, Sept 6th.  I don't mean "accidentally" as in, I tried to find Times Square and I slipped; I had a career consultation and her desired meeting spot was the SoHo House in said nabe.  My meeting was set for 6 o'clock.  The exact time that. . . what the. . . what's happening down here?!?!  OH, that's right.  Fashion Night Out.  If I didn't feel like the shortest, poorest New Yorker at that moment. . .

That being said, there was an excitement in the air, so after my meeting I wandered into Chelsea Market to browse around (I guess marketing works, right?).  In Anthropologie I was handed a complimentary Vodka Blueberry-Pink Lemonade with a mint leaf in it.  In Artists and Fleas I was offered a complimentary glass of champagne.  But what I really wanted was...ice cream.

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy is mostly known here in New York for their milks and drinkable yogurts that you can find in nearly every bodega.  But their ice cream is top-notch, and not many people know about it.  They of course make all their milk products in small batches, and pride themselves on being one of the first farms in upstate New York to be organic.  While in the store, as I debated between Mint Chip and Nutella, a guy came in and ordered a Chocolate Egg Cream.  An egg cream!  Where else in New York can you casually walk in and order an egg cream to go?!

I went with the Mint Chip.  One of the things I loved about it was that it wasn't shamrock green.  Also, it has these little mint chips that crunch in your mouth.  That means it wasn't flavored with any fake mint flavor imitation.  Pretty sweet.

As I devoured my ice cream through the long corridor of Chelsea Market, someone came up to me and asked me where they were giving out ice cream.  I grinned at her.  "This one you have to pay for."