Hazy, hot, and humid - perfect ice cream weather!

Sea Salt Caramel at Dreamscoops
Sea Salt Caramel at Dreamscoops

"Hazy, hot, and humid" are three words New Yorkers HATE to hear.  But, well, you might have noticed, we've been having a little bit of a delayed Spring here.  Sunny and cold?  Humid and overcast?  How about rainy and 55 degrees?   But folks, it's FINALLY happened.  May 21st and we finally passed 80 degrees!  Yeehaw!  Bring on the summer, and bring on the icecreaming.

Now, Spring in New York can be defined by three things:  bare toes, tulips partout, and most importantly, dining al fresco.  For Opening Day of Ice Cream Season, I introduce to you newcomer on the scene Dreamscoops, in one of the best outdoor food fests.  May is one of my favorite months because of the Madison Square Eats Festival  which showcases about 30 local vendors in the shadow of the Flatiron building, for one month only.

I was walking through there today when I came across Dreamscoops.  Started in 2011 by two friends, Dreamscoops, of course, uses all natural ingredients hand picked from local farms & purveyors.  I had never heard of them before (mon dieu!) so I chatted up booth attendant and co-owner Joe Roselli as he scooped me his Sea Salt Caramel ice cream.

Joe's partner Leona Sager was working as a pastry chef at the restaurant "Fishtail by David Burke," where Joe, a guitarist, was serving. Blown away by the sheer complexity of flavors in every dessert Leona’s hands touched, Joe initiated a business proposal over Facebook (while Leona was pregnant, no less) and the two set off to make ice cream the local way. They began by testing recipes after hours in “Fishtail by David Burke’s” kitchen— often until 4 or 5 in the morning— bringing samples to Joe’s daytime hospital job for feedback. When markets became routine, they had no doubts about quitting their day jobs to pursue Dreamscoops full-time. They opened for business in December 2011 with five flavors in tow: Manjari Chocolate, Sea Salt & Caramel, Cinnamon & Sugar, Milk & Cookies and Vegan Golden Monkey made with Black Golden Monkey Tea.

RIGHT!?!?  Like, how much do you want to try ALL OF THEM right now!?  And can I please tell you -- the Sea Salt Caramel is TO DIE FOR.  It is what you dream of when you think of the best, not over-hyped, not Applebees-overdone, decadent pairing.  Sweet, tangy, salty, with crispy little caramels hidden inside - I scarfed the thing in the most unladylike way so fast that there was nothing left to lick by the time I crossed the street to sit on a park bench.  It's THAT GOOD.  I might even be crazy enough to say it's the best ice cream I've ever had.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the ice cream blogger went there.

They'll only be at MSE until the end of May, but you can find them at the DeKalb Market in BK and Hester Street Fair all summer.  And I WILL go there, friends.  I'm eyeballing the Black Sesame and Rhubarb.....and we've got three months to go!