How the Dutch eat ice cream

Spiced Chocolate Sandwich
Spiced Chocolate Sandwich

The Good Batch began with a simple mission:  bake pure, not overly sweet, delicious food.  In 2010, pastry chef Anna Gordon founded the company with her stroopwafel recipe, which she made for all the special Dutch people in her life, specifically her boyfriend and his family. They began selling their goods at the Brooklyn Flea, and the rest of the story you can basically figure out on your own.   Stroopwafels are classic Dutch spiced waffle cookies, and Anna makes them in small batches (get it?) in her kitchen.  They are stuffed them with locally sourced ice cream, although I couldn't tell you from where since their website is down.  This is a grown-up's ice cream sandwich, especially if you were the only one at summer camp who REALLY hated those mushy chocolate things on the outside of the good vanilla ice cream.

If you're a Brooklynite, then you know of the Flea's food-obsessed offshoot, Smorgasburg, now with three locations.  I recently went with a friend and before we'd even made one full circuit, we stopped here.

They had me at ice cream sandwich, but they also had me at: "We're almost sold out, only 5 sandwiches left."  (I am SUCH a New York sucker!)  Now, that meant I didn't get to exactly pick my flavor - by process of elimination I got the Spiced Cocoa Sandwich - two chocolate waffle cookies sandwiching spiced chocolate ice cream, which isn't exactly my fave, BUT what got me were the roasted, salted pistachios on the outside.  This was honestly the best part.

Everyone online raves about the Bonfire - a cocoa stroopwafel filled with burnt meringue and dark chocolate ganache - and the Oat Chocolate Chunk cookies.  Guess I'll just have to go back next year, and get there early.