Nighttime ice cream in the borough of Brooklyn

Peaches and Cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Peaches and Cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Last week, amist the 90 degree tempatures, before the deluge of rain from Hurricane Andrea, I found myself here, at 9pm, after a gorgeous day of sun lent itself to a stunning sunset over the Manhattan skyline....

....with 150 students from South Dakota.  THAT'S RIGHT.  Welcome to my life in June friends.  Fortunately I had some help - three other superhero tour guides and I took on this massive group together.  Although this was my first time working with this group, they come every year to NYC, and every year the very first thing they want to do is take a double-decker tour to Chinatown to shop, and after that walk the Brooklyn Bridge.

Well, we didn't walk the Bridge.  Instead we bussed over the Manhattan and ended up cooling our heels here while we waited for the 3rd bus to catch up.  A half hour at Fulton Ferry landing with nothing to do?  Ice cream, please!  And let me tell you - THIS is the time to go!  I think there were three people in line ahead of me.  They've also restructured their shop so the space is more efficient (finally!), so I was out in a jiff, with my only agenda to ooh and ahh over the skyline.

This time I got Peaches and Cream.  It's very yummy, albeit more cream than peachy, but the Strawberry is still the winner in my book.  I wonder what circumstances will bring me there next year....