A trek through BK yields a perfect scoop

Sweet Cream w/ Blueberry Lemon Cookies at Evergreen Ice Cream Co.
Sweet Cream w/ Blueberry Lemon Cookies at Evergreen Ice Cream Co.

I have been known to take long treks.  Sometimes out of curiosity (Red Hook tacos at Red Hook park), sometimes out of necessity (New York Sports Club post Hurricane Sandy), sometimes out of delusion (it always looks closer on the map, doesn't it?).  Today was one of said treks, in search of good ice cream.  Category:  curiosity.

When I read about "upcoming" ice cream shops I get, like, really excited.  Don't get me wrong - I will go to Van Leeuwen year after year - but isn't it fun to discover something just on the brink in NYC?  Yes, of course it is.  We're obsessed with it actually.  So we will trek to Bushwick to track down ice cream when Time Out New York tells us it's worth the walk.

This morning - my first day off in an age - I awoke with a nasty summer cold.  All I could think of was ice cream, and the sorbet in my freezer wasn't cutting it (I've learned the hard way not to keep ice cream in the apartment, where a pint becomes a single serving).  Where to?  I really didn't want to face the subway.  Couldn't I just walk somewhere?

In reality, it was only 20 mins away.  But if felt much longer cause it was one of those walks where I was like... Where the heck am I going??  And then I proceeded to pass the place three times.  Here it is.  You would too.

If you look reeeeel close, you can see the words "ice cream" in the windows.  Here's the reverse:

I give a TON of credit to entrepreneurial owner Francisco Garcia for opening up Evergreen Ice Cream Co in a hood so underrepresented I could hardly find it myself, and I live in next door Bed Stuy.  He opened this shop a mere two months ago and already has the attention of the burgeoning BK foodie scene.  Here's why:  He only sells two brands of ice cream - BK local Phin & Phebe's, and Jane's of Kingston, NY.  Neither of the two have actual shops of their own, but are represented in local restaurants (Algonquin Hotel, NYC Yacht Club, and Saks Fifth Ave all serve Jane's) and markets (Phin & Phebe's is sold in 43 shops in Brooklyn alone).  Although Francisco, who was there manning the shop when I went in today, told me he wanted to "keep it local," he didn't have too many options.  Most BK ice creamers already have their own shops; Blue Marble is already starting to pint theirs and sell it nationwide.

But don't call his selection limited - this afternoon, while there was only one Phin & Phebes flavor, there were eight Jane's flavors, having sold out of many last week during Restaurant Week.  The full flavors available at his website list over 20; he claims that what's available in-store is different every week.

Time Out told me to get the Sundae Morning - a sundae that hosts Sweet Cream and Blueberry Lemon Cookie ice cream with honey, oats, and whipped cream.  I wasn't feeling the honey-oat-whipped cream combo for an extra $4, so I stuck with the Sweet Cream ice cream.  The flavor is delicious on its own, but the added cookies within makes it surprising and unique.

It was cool to talk to Francisco about his shop and his desire to bring local small-batch ice cream, well, local.  While I was there at least six people - looking way cooler than me - came in and got ice cream too.  It clearly was about time for an ice cream shop of good caliber to open in the hood.  And word seems to be spreading....even if it's impossible to find.

Plus, how can you not love this:       !!!