The Biggest, Gayest welcome back to NYC


ICE CREAMERS!  Did you miss me?!  Well, it doesn't even matter, cause I missed you.  More importantly, I missed ice cream!  I was out of town performing in a show at the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in non-nearby New Hampshire.  It was beautiful, it was inspiring, it was peaceful. . . but I was away from NYC during PRIME ice creaming time!  So.  We'll have to start cracking, kids.  We're behind schedule!

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is the perfect desserterie (that wasn't a word until this moment) to get back on the proverbial ice cream track (not an actual proverb).  Imagine. . . a stunning summer Sunday in the East Village. . . you're joined by two friends, you brunch, and then you wander, and get Greek yogurt at the gourmet Chobani shop in SoHo. . .  and then you walk to Tompkins Square Park and listen to some free jazz at the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival. . . and then you decide you need some ice cream.  Sounds entrancing, no?  My two friends and I just did not want to go home.  NYC does that to you - it lulls you into a sense of escapism.  We almost even got drinks after this ice cream.  Until I decided I needed to go home and make myself a salad, clearly.

I love this little ice cream shop because they have SUCH a great rags-to-riches "You can make it here, you can make it anywhere" NYC story.  Since I already told this story in last summer's blogging, I won't repeat myself, but what's exciting is there are now TWO locations, with one in the West Village!  Also, now they've taken their Salty Pimp success and turned into a cupcake.  WHAAAAT.  I know, guys, I know.  But we don't review cupcakes here.  So I went and got The Mermaid - vanilla soft serve, key lime curd, graham cracker dusting, whipped cream.

DE-LISH.  This is like THE summer treat to have if you're down with the tangy-sweet (which I am, RIP beloved Haagen Daaz Lemon Ice Cream).  This comes in a VERY close second to the amazingly tangy-sweet Salty Pimp that everyone's obsessed with.   I'm starting a revolution, guys.  It's Mermaid all the way!!  Go get it.  Now.