Welcome Summer!


IT'S OPENING WEEKEND of the IceCreaming!!  How do you know it's summer?  It's that first day you roll up your short sleeves cause - even though you've barely had your arms see sunshine all year - you're deathly afraid of the dreaded short-sleeve Farmer's Tan. We barely made it out of Spring alive this year.  I started Memorial Day weekend in jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, and a wool peacoat, but by Sunday I was folding up those sleeves on a GORGEOUS blue-sky day and dreaming - as it seems everyone else and their mom was too - of ice cream:

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on a Sunday
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on a Sunday

What's an ice cream blogger to do on Opening Weekend?  Find an alternative:

Ample Hills Creamery, that awesomely adored shop named after the hills of Brooklyn yore, decided to help it's fellow Brooklynites out.  Instead of standing on their line for over 30 mins, hop on over to Brooklyn Bridge Park!  True, they only have five flavors, and true, three of those five may even be sold out at this point, but maybe that makes you try out a flavor you would have otherwise over looked:  Orange Creamsicle.  And can I tell you?  Orange Creamsicle was sooo much better than Salted Crack Caramel!!  And sooooo refreshing after a gorgeous (but warm) walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  And with a zero-minute wait time?  Ample Hills, you are back on my A List!

And it's a pretty long A list, I'm not gonna lie.  18 Old Faves, 13 we never got to last summer, and 10 new recommendations.......I better get eating.

Bon Appetit, IceCreamers!  Looking forward to another good season.  :P