I went to the park to bike, and ended up getting ice cream.


True story. I woke up this weekend to an impossibly blue sky day.  With nothing tangible on the horizon, my mind craved the park, and my body craved exercise - except I had to rule out rollerblading.  Let's just say I never quite learned the art of braking, and so I can't go rollerblading in the park on weekends, in case I. . . um. . . crash into children.  Ya know.  But biking!  How long HAS it been since I rode a bike anyway??  And there's gotta be a bike rental place near Prospect Park, right???

I tried, guys.  The first one was "sold out" (err, what?) and the second one only rented in four-hour increments.  I just wanted to bike for like, half an hour at this point.  Defeated, I decided to head for the subway.  On the way I passed Ample Hills - been there, done that, unfortunately.  But...wait.  Surely there were other nearby places on the Ice Cream list I'd been meaning to try??


Sky Ice has been on my list since The Ice Creaming opened.  Once again, I have no recollection of how or why - probably Time Out, again, let's be honest - but what the hell even was Sky Ice anyway?  Like, an Italian Ice shop?  And why couldn't I find it?  Google had it first listed in Tribeca, then by the Seaport, and now. . . Park Slope?

Their website is (maddeningly) under construction, so it's hard to get a sense of their story (or their location).  Fortunately, foodblog www.foodcurated.com already did some of the investigating for us!  Sweet!  Here's what blogger Liza de Guia writes:

Sutheera Denprapa is the ice cream designer and co-owner ofSky Ice, a small, artisan, all-natural ice cream shop based in Park Slope, Brooklyn.When Sutheera was a young girl, she hoped her parents would one day own an ice cream shop. That was her day dream, her little kid wish. It also tells you just how much she loves the stuff. As her husband, Jonathan explained,“few people are as passionate as Sutheera on ice cream”. I believe it. Get her talking about new flavors she’s inventing, and she could go on and on.

There's also a really sweet and amazing little video here that has Denprapa explaining her story in more detail, about growing up in Thailand and learning the art of making ice cream "without an ice cream maker" from one of her mother's magazines (!!). Those that work the shop speak limited English, so I was unable to ask many questions over the counter, but when I asked:  "Is all the ice cream made here in the store?" the girl behind the counter said yes, and you can actually see this happening in the video.

But by far the coolest thing of this little ice cream shop are the flavors.  Nearly all its reviews on Yelp (landing it a 4.5 star review) commend the exemplary and exotic flavors, such as Black Sesame Seaweed, Lychee Rose, and Thai Tea.  Naturally I had to try the Black Sesame Seaweed out of curiosity - slightly salty with a nutty aftertaste, weird - but in the end I chose 2 scoops:  Roasted Thai Coconut and Banana Nutella.

The Roasted Thai Coconut was fabulous, leaving that awesome just-toasted aftertaste, but the star by far was the Banana Nutella.  I mean, this is the most genious ice cream combination EVER.  WHY has no one thought of this before?!?!  It. Was. Heaven.  I finished my cup before I even got to the subway entrance, a mere 2 blocks away.  So I may not have gotten any exercise for the day, but I had a little adventure all the same.  And I TOTALLY think I won.  :)