The ice cream kings of Kings County


Dear Ice Creamers, Lest you think I've forgotten you, allow me to plead my case.  I spent the best ice cream month of the summer in the chilly, bonnie hills of Edinburgh, Scotland, performing my one-woman show in the Edinburgh Fringe Fest.  I was hoping there'd be ice cream to be had there, so I could blog from afar, but alas.  All I had was a whole lotta fish & chips instead.  And it was certainly NOT ice cream weather, with averages in the 50s and gray skies above.  I never thought I'd say this, but returning to the heat and humidity of NYC August was nothing short of amazing.

So.  With only a few short weeks left of ice cream season upon us, I got down to business.  First stop: the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck, an annual fave.

Van Leeuwen is fast becoming a NYC darling.  What started as a single food truck in 2008 became nine locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan - six trucks and three brick-and-mortar stores - by 2012.  Today they have four solid shops, three definitive truck-stop locations, including an LA-based truck, and can be bought by pint in over 44 Manhattan groceries and 46 Brooklyn locations.  Oh, and they're served at six local restaurants.  At least, to date.

Soooooooooo.......they're nobody's secret.  In fact they're almost SO huge you might not feel they belong on this blog.  But regardless of their success, they still make their ice cream from scratch in Greenpoint, using only fresh hormone and antibiotic free milk and cream, cane sugar, egg yolks and the best fruits, chocolates, spices and nuts from small producers locally and around the world.  To maintain that small-batch mentality and continue to take over the world one food truck at a time, I think that's pretty darn stellar.

So, Cheers.