When I go vegan, I'm going Van Leeuwen.

The only thing new and different between this year and last year's ice cream season for Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is that they published an ice cream book.  NBD, right??  Everyone and anyone has a cookbook out nowadays!!  I mean, there's a cookbook out for learning how to cook on your car engine!!  (Please don't buy that, that's just annoying.) But seriously.  Even with the proliferation of cookbooks being released on what feels like a daily basis, that's not to be scoffed at.  It means that by now, seven years into their endeavor, Van Leeuwen's has gone from street truck to a valuable, recognizable name.

One of the things they are getting praise for is breaking down how to make your own vegan ice cream using cashew milk.  I think that's kinda fun and interesting in theory and I went into Van Leeuwen's this year thinking I might make this my inaugural year tasting vegan ice cream, but then.........


Banana Cream Pie!! 

Okay, fine it was sold out.  The Red Currant Wedding Cake was juuuuuust beginning to win me over when I saw that the Honeycomb flavor had crunchy honeycomb pieces in it.  I mean.  C'mon.  That's cool.

So the Honeycomb won out.  And just so you know?  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  It's GOOOOOOD.  It's really, really good.  The Sweet Cream ice cream had swirls of what almost tasted like (really good) sea salt caramel.  And combined with the rich creamy flavor of the ice cream and the satisfying crunchy bits?  This was one A+ ice cream.  In fact, when I think back on it, none of their flavors have ever been close to disappointing.  And you know what that means, kids:  Next year, we go vegan.