Sometimes the best ice cream is unplanned.


It was one of those gorgeous Summer Saturday nights in New York, not the oppressive icky kind we get in August, but the nights people dream about:  quiet.  A small breeze.  Dinner in the West Village on an outdoor sidewalk preferred over the air-conditioned inside. I'm trying to meet my friend Scott for dinner, and we did this all wrong, started talking about where to go far too late in the day, couldn't agree on a spot, this one's too expensive, this one doesn't have reservations left, etc etc etc.  As you do, when you're 30-something in New York and you have 25,000 restaurants to choose from.

So we meet in the West Village and figure we'll land on a spot.  En route I pass Café Cluny, with its draped outdoor ice cream cart, and I eye it longingly, thinking Chartreuse ice cream.

As it so happened, we ended up eating dinner there, since they had tables and they had "amazing ice cream" (which is not a hard sell.)  We ended up having kinda the perfect night out, because we came in with zero expectations, and were met by fantastic food, great service (we're those people that have a million questions about the menu), good wine, and oh did I mention the ice cream yet?


Scott and I both order ice cream because we can't agree on flavors (we're kinda like the Elaine and Jerry of Seinfeld).  I can't remember what he orders, but I remember we were arguing over Butterscotch vs. Rum Raisin.  He hates Rum Raisin and Cappuccino-flavored ice cream; I had the Coconut last year and I thought the Butterscotch would be too much like the Butter Pecan.  {Please read that last sentence in Jerry Seinfeld's voice.}

NOW.  I've only had their ice cream once.  I remember it being a little bit of an out-of-body experience, but I could be remembering wrong.

I wasn't.

Their ice cream is PHENOMENAL.  And what makes it phenomenal are these INCREDIBLE, unique, ingredient-popping flavors.  Of the three, the Rum Raisin literally made me stop mid-sentence and close my eyes for a moment.  And it's not even a flavor I particularly enjoy.  I just felt like I'd tasted the most amazingly fresh raisin soaked in the best rum of my life.  In an ice cream.

We each devoured all 3 of our scoops.  We felt disgusting afterwards.  But in the moment it was oh-so-sweet.

Go treat yourself to this off-the-radar spot, cart or seated, you're destined to have a great night.  I can't wait to find out what flavors they have for me next year!! :P