Make a beeline for Creamline

Now I betcha that you have never even heard of Creamline.  Granted, it's a very silly name.  But - it's the old ice cream outpost of Ronnybrook Dairy Farm - what used to be called Ronnybrook Farm Milk Bar - nestled into a little eatery in Chelsea Market that took AAAAGES to open, rechristened as a full-service eatery whose menu even includes a grilled PB&J. Now, we've been to Ronnybrook before.  But in 2014 it got all boarded up and promised us a facelift in the Spring of 2015, which I was very excited about, but Spring came and went, and Summer came and went, and there was no ice cream to be had until this year, when it revealed its new digs promising less cream-based items and more hamburgers for the hungry tourists that mob Chelsea Market every week.  Power move?  Yes.  But it means that people know even less about what Ronnybrook Dairy does best than they did before.

Their website says this bit of lamery:

Old Fashioned ice cream made on the farm with milk and cream from our own cows. Rich and creamy, our ice cream is 16% butterfat made with the finest hand selected seasonal ingredients.

Okay, so it tells you very little, but just know they have their own milk farm and the dairy all comes from upstate and they pride themselves on being one of the first dairy farms to go organic.  Sadly, the ice cream for sale isn't made in the store, and the lovely server I pestered had zero info on where it was made (maybe upstate?) but I'm telling you it does not matter because this ice cream is DELICIOUS.


Licking my wounds from my awful Blueberry experience at Blue Marble this summer, I decided to try a second round.  Fearing it too would again be too sweet, I went rogue and ordered a scoop of Ginger to accompany it.  Which was the best decision EVER.  Because the two of them together was like a magical, cold, ice cream pie.

The Blueberry?  Subtle.  Creamy.  Little wild blueberries surprising me in my mouth.  The Ginger - normally a flavor I can't stomach - was also outstanding, it too a subtle, slightly spicy, not overpowering balancing act of sweet, creamy, satisfying.

I DEVOURED that adorable little cardboard dish.  It was seriously one of the BEST ice creams I had all year.  And my absolute favorite thing about it?  Zero lines.  Zero hype.  Just good, old-fashioned, stellar ice cream, which speaks for itself.

So you should go.  It may not be glamorous, but it's well worth battling tourists for.