Ice Cream truly is better at the beach


Alright, alright, I admit it:  it's past Labor Day.  But it was SO EPICALLY HUMID & GROSS this past weekend that we squeeeeeeezed in one last beach day yesterday. In total, I made it to the beach SIX TIMES this summer!  Pretty impressive considering it's a good 1.5 hour travel for me from Queens, so it's not like I can pop on my flip flops and just head out the back door.  Our beach of choice is Riis Park, part of the National Park Service, and features an extensive sand beach and an art deco bath house built in 1932.  AND starting last year, it became home to Riis Park Beach Bazaar, an offshoot of the super popular Brooklyn Night Bazaar, which featured food vendors, indie designers, and upcoming musicians.

Which Beach Bazaar did too.  Including... dun-duh-na-na! - our favorite Brooklyn ice creamery, Ample Hills.

Look.  I went to Riis beach four times, but sometimes it's more of a French fry and beer kinda day, you know?  So I only got ice cream once.  I know, I know, how dare I!  But ohh, was it a doozy.


The line was long and there were several flavors already sold out, but this one had me at hello.  Ooey Gooey Butter Cake is exactly what it sounds like:  Vanilla ice cream with hunks of St. Louis-style Ooey Gooey Butter Cake.  We all know I tend to lean towards the unique and original, and I'd never had such an ice cream before (even if it did seem a little less about the ice cream and more about the cake.)

.... Which is exactly what I got.  I swung for a pretzel cone cause I thought that would be the most orgasmic combination of salty-sweet on a hot summer day (instead, what I got was under salted and not very crunchy).  The ice cream was good, but my mouth kept getting interrupted by these huge chunks of cake!  And they were very gooey and very buttery and truthfully what I REALLY loved was the caramel-butter flavor they left in the vanilla in their wake.  THAT was good ice cream; you just have to take out the cake bits.

Listen.  I'm sure there are others that disagree.  I'm sure, like with Salted Crack Caramel, people DIE for this flavor.  But more importantly:  it doesn't really matter.  Cause we were at the beeeeeaaaaach.  And Ample Hills is here to stay, in every location.  And that line isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

So.  See ya there next year, Ample Hills.