Narcissa summer sundae

Sundaes for days

Remember how back in 2014 I said the sandwich was the new cone?  Well the new, new cone is the sundae.  And yes, I also agree that is one of the saddest sentences I've ever written. But it's true.  This year in ice cream trends (what, you didn't realize that was a thing?  It's a thing.  Or at least the media likes to try and make it a thing.) is the sundae.

What does that even mean.  Well, all it means is that the hot trendy ice cream places are now making hot - I mean, cold, obviously - trendy sundaes to entice suckers such as yours truly to come partake.  And I do mean sucker.  Cause overall guys?  These sundaes were done-daes.  Okay, I'll stop.

Sucker Sundae #1:  The Seasonal, at Narcissa

My old trustworthy Time Out suckered me into this one.  I put it on The List a long time ago, back when I think I was frothing at the mouth for a fall sundae that consisted of pumpkin ice cream and cranberries.  I think.  This one I will take blame for, as Scott and I were having the same hard time choosing a restaurant again, and I maybe suggested this place just so I could get that dessert.


Now the upcoming fall sundae is this: warm caramel spiced apples, vanilla bay laurel ice cream, carrot sorbet, brazil nuts.  So I think I got a little gypped.  I of course asked our waiter if he knew where the dairy came from, he said he'd go ask the chef bless his heart, and returned telling me the chef was too busy to ask (duh) at which point my very embarrassed friends told him to not worry about it.  So, Narcissa Seasonal Sundae:  B, depending on season.

Sucker Sundae #2:  The Guacamole Sundae, at Rosa Mexicano

This one I'm even more embarrassed about, cause it came from an Instagram account consisting of ice cream catnip called New York Scoops:  A guacamole sundae?!?! I MUST HAVE IT!!


:Avocado ice cream (meh), raspberries (kinda), white chocolate shavings (oh yeah I can see them a bit right there), mint shavings, piloncello-chocolate sauce (aka chocolate sauce), raspberry-guajillo sauce (except without any chile whatsoever), and cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.  Guacamole sundae?  B-.

Now.  Please know this.  I ate both of these sundaes like a champ.  They were still good.  But where they Ice Creaming worthy?  Nah.  We don't need fancy biscotti or silly-sounding chocolate sauce to get our ice cream on.  Noted.

I have been served.